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you do not just "buy a home" you purchase a state of mind. A lakefront, a state cabin retreat, a golf or ski home, a refuge for your family, or a home for ease of commute to work in the city..... You purchase a lifestyle. will help you find the "Best of The Poconos."

When looking for a new lifestyle - think of USA Realty, we would love to, and will work hard to, help you find a new home in the Poconos!

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Poconos Mountain View HomeMost often, Poconos home buyers start with finding the right neighborhood or community. Since there are over 250 communities from which to choose, and it can be confusing, you might get some suggestions, on which ones to consider, from an experienced Poconos real estate agent at USA Realty. Call 570 517 2428 with a short description of your ideal home and lifestyle.

One of our agents will help narrow your choice of community or neighborhood. See Lakefront Home buying tips. You might, also, consider reading about the style or use of a home in the Poconos first.

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Ski Homes ---- Retirement ---- Lakefront ---- Lakeview

On our web site you will discover insider information on many Poconos neighborhoods and communities designed to give you an idea of the local market and current MLS listings.

Reading about the Best Places to Live in the Poconos is also a good place to start your search.

We understand that your time is precious. Get your Poconos real estate research done right here, in one place. We want to make navigating the Pocono real estate world as easy as possible for you. You will see this on our site, and you will see it in our service.

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If you would like more information about relocation, luxury real estate, waterfront homes, or vacation properties in the Poconos, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer all questions, big or small.

Don't Forget to Factor in These Extra Costs of Owning a Pocono Home

Paying for the mortgage isn't the only expense that you will need to consider when you are buying a Poconos home. There are many other costs that you will have to think about and these can come as a shock if you haven't planned ahead for them. Some very enthusiastic first-time homeowners will gloss over these costs and later find out that their budget and paycheck is overwhelmed.

Here are a few of the costs that you should consider when you are becoming a homeowner for the first time:

Moving Costs

Once a home purchase is complete, you will have a whole new series of additional costs concerned with moving into your new home. You might be able to ask your friends for a favor, but you may have to spend thousands on a moving company to get all of your things to your new home. You will also have to pay for gas to drive back and forth to your new home during the purchase and move in process and perhaps also cover the cost of a hotel stay on the way if you are moving across the country.

Real Estate Taxes

The amount of real estate taxes that you pay will vary depending on the state that you live in. In Pennsylvania taxes are generally in the 2.5% to 3% of value per year range. In the Poconos, it will depend upon the county or school district in which you are buying, with those counties and districts further away from the Delaware Water Gap being the lowest cost.


Don't forget that you will also need to pay for your heating costs in winter, air conditioning in summer and your lights and Internet all year round. Your utilities can really add up, so if you don't factor them into your budget you will be in for a surprise. Electric rates in PA can be shopped for and tend to be lower than those in NY or NJ... so many people choose to heat by electric. Though most have a back up of propane, wood or wood pellets for the coldest part of the year.

Home Maintenance

You will also need to factor in the costs of repairing your home, such as when an appliance needs to be replaced or something needs fixing. A general rule of thumb is that every homeowner should budget at least 1% of the purchase value of the home to cover remodeling and home maintenance.

Also, don't forget about landscaping and lawn care. If you pay a landscaping company to take care of your property it could cost around $30-$50 per week. If you do it yourself the costs will be lower, but you will need to pay for the equipment and supplies and spend a lot of your valuable time.

The good thing about purchasing in the Poconos is that there are neighborhoods where maintenance is included in your monthly community fees.

Places like:

Northridge at Camelback  ---- Snow Ridge Village ----  Pinecrest Lake and Golf Club ---- LaBar Village ----Stones Throw Townhomes

Plus..... Crystal Park In East Stroudsburg and a few other include some or all of the exterior maintenance in their monthly fees.


When shopping for a home it is important you be prepared with proof of ability to buy. This may include either a bank statement (if paying cash) or a pre qualification letter from a mortgage lender (usually, a bank.) Pre qualification statements can easily be obtained from most lender mortgage departments over the phone or with a quick visit.

When you are considering your budget for home ownership, you will also need to factor in the amount that you will pay in mortgage interest over the duration of the home loan. The interest rate on your mortgage will of course change over time, depending on the mortgage that you select.

These are just a few of the extra expenses that homeowners need to factor into their budget when buying a Poconos area home.

If you have any more questions about home ownership, call us at 570-517-2428 or e-mail us at

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