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Guide to Poconos Community Living

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Community LakeOur list does not include ALL of the neighborhoods or communities in the Poconos, but most and a good sampling.

See the Complete List of Poconos Communities Here

This list has each community amenities and whether it is Short Term Rental Friendly or not. It also has links to many of the community real estate websites.

What to look for in a Poconos Neighborhood or community.

Consider what is important to your family in a neighborhood.

Visit each community at different times of the day

Ask about services, public transportation, shopping

Many buyers think that the neighborhood in which they will live should be as important as their home. But. even if YOU like the Starbucks on the corner or the gym a mile away, it would be important to consider what a future buyer of the home you are considering might consider. While the proximity of a school bus stop, a ski area or nearness of a state park may not be important to you, these could be a deal maker to a prospective buyer when you want to sell.

Drive through a neighborhood or community at different times of the day. In the morning, you can see how residents get to work and students get to school. During the daytime, you’ll also see how properties, including alleys, are maintained. An evening or night visit will allow you to discover rush-hour traffic density and traffic noise, street parking availability and how well streets are lit to ensure safety.

Walk or ride a bicycle through the neighborhood and look closer at public places like schools, playgrounds and parks.

Talk to local business owners. They will probably know about the area than homeowners and could give you some insight into plans for commercial development.

Check the opening and closing times of coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets and drugstores. Is there convenient parking ?

Check out school and city council meetings and learn about issues in the community.

Ask about garbage collection and water rates, watering bans, recycling centers, street cleaning and snow regulations.

Visit the Pocono hospitals and know the proximity to each in case of an emergency. Are there more local urgent care centers for non-emergency medical care ?

Check for the availability of public transportation. Pick up bus, train and taxi schedules. How easy is it to get a taxi (we have them in the Poconos), an uber or lyft?

IMPORTANT ! Google the community name in NEWS to learn about any community issues.

Go to the local police station and ask about crime statistics and neighborhood watch groups. Most states post online the names and addresses of convicted sex offenders, who may live in the area.

The concept of “neighborhood” in the Poconos is different than that of most surrounding state or regions. Here the term neighborhood could mean anything from a development by a single developer with homogeneous homes to a subdivision of land with just a few home built over a hundred year time span by many different builder with some homes being built by the homeowners themselves.

There may be communities with clubhouses, pools, tennis facilities, or there may be small subdivisions surrounded by state park lands the no amenities other than dirt roads. Some may require you as a homeowner to pay dues for a complete amenities package including central water and sewer and some may have no dues requirements.

When considering purchasing in the Poconos, you should begin by assessing your priority of these issues and consult with a real estate broker about which neighborhoods fit your needs. This will help you find the right place for you and your family much more quickly than anything else you might do during this process.

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