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PA State Forest Cabins for Sale

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Poconos Cabins Come in Three Types

Cabins in the Pennsylvania State Forest - These are on the page below and must be purchased with cash and only by PA State residents. Know as state forest recreational "leased camp sites" most have basic 2-4 room cabins some have running water, some have bathrooms, most are quiet and rustic and they are scattered around lakes and nature in the PA state forests in Northeastern PA. See these below.

Cabins, Chalets, and Homes in the Woods and/or near skiing, state parks, lakes or rivers and streams...
Most of these cabins are mortgage able and anyone can buy. These are used mostly as vacation homes or rentals. You can view these Pocono Cabins here.

And Log Cabins - Unique, rustic, comfy and fun to come home to.  These are located throughout the Poconos and northeast PA in various communities and neighborhoods, some are within the state forest system. We have a page dedicated to Log Homes in the Poconos.

PA State Forest Cabin

Pennsylvania DCNR – Bureau of Forestry has over 4,000 leased campsites across the state of PA. These can only be owned by PA residents andare not often on the market. 

If you are NOT a PA Resident or are looking to finance and are looking for a Cabin in the Poconos .. go to Poconos Cabins for Sale.

There are some rules that you must adhere to, if you want to own a Pennsylvania State Leased Campsite. These are basically to keep the state forest in its natural state and to be sure the cabin you own and the land you lease from the state feel like a preserve. You can read about these rules for owning a PA State Forest Cabin here.

To see Pocono Cabins outside of the state forest go to our Pocono Cabins, Chalets and Bungalow page.

IMPORTANT: To View any of the State Forest Cabins below contact:

USA Realty - Pocono Office at 570-517-2428 And one of our PA State Cabin Specialists buyer's agents will arrange a showing.

Click here to see Homes That Adjoin to State Forest Lands These are homes that back or side on State Forest Lands.

Located throughout the state forest system
in PA (on land leased to you by the state and formally called by DCNR : “campsites”) are small recreational cabins that the State of Pennsylvania allows Pennsylvania residents to own. Some are quite elaborate to the point you would not recognize them as “cabins.”

A State Forest Leased Campsite is a small parcel of state forest land of about approximately 10,000 Square feet (1/4 acre) leased to an Pennsylvania resident individual or to a group of Pennsylvania residents for them to have a cabin for recreation including camping, hunting, lake activities and most other types of outdoor activities.

The DCNR stopped leasing new campsites in 1970, but the existing leases are still allowed to be utilized by the public.

If you are interested in obtaining a state forest lease, you must find a cabin on a leased campsite that is for sale, purchase it and request that the lease be transferred to you. Rules for State Cabin leases. You must abide by the regulation for use of the land as established by the state these Guidelines are here. There is more information of the basics of owning one of these cabin lease campsite information is here .

The campsite leases are for 10 years. At the end of the 10 years the lease is up for renewal and depending on the lessees compliance with the lease agreement and the DCNR guidelines, the Department will determine whether or not the lease should be renewed.

State Forest Cabins in Winter –

Even though the sticks and bricks of the cabins on a leased campsite are privately owned, the land is still public state forest land, and part of the State Forest system. The DCNR requires all lessees to maintain their campsites such that it is neat in appearance and does not drastically contrast with the surrounding State Forest land.

The buildings on a state forest leased campsite are considered as real estate for taxation purposes. Each lessee is responsible for any annual local taxes that are assessed on the structures located on a leased campsite. However, the taxes generally run less than $1000.00 per year as the only taxation applies to the structure and there is no taxation on the land.

The Pennsylvania State Lease campsites and cabins

on these campsites are a great way for PA residents to enjoy their state forest lands. While many of these owners have hunting or fishing as a reason to own a state cabin, there are just as many owners who purchase to hike, bike, snowmobile, kayak, canoe, use local state beaches and park facilities.

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