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Selling a Poconos Home

"Treat our customers right -

sold Pocono homeGive a great deal and service and they will refer their friends and family"

At USA Realty Poconos Office we have a different philosophy - You are more than just another customer to us - you are a life long client, a friend and our best salesperson.

We would rather help out each of our customers with the best personalized service and have them refer us more business than do volume like many competitors. We continue to lead the Poconos Real Estate market in the high productivity per agent and high customer satisfaction ranking, our clients are so impressed with us - that on average refer 2 new clients!

The BEST way to Sell a Home in the Poconos

Call USA Realty Poconos Office at 570-517 2428 for a free Market Analysis of your home.

An Experienced Poconos Real Estate Agent from The USA Realty Poconos office will contact you shortly with a no obligation consultation to discuss listing and sell your home.

Your lender and the government are encouraging you to sell your home instead of it being foreclosed on. There are a lot of benefits for the homeowner like: Less of a negative credit impact, no repayment or taxing of the (short sale), you can sell your home and owe nothing even if the sales price is lower than the amount owed. We can help with a Poconos short sale.

Selling your Poconos Real Estate is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime. It's important to become informed about the Poconos real estate market if you are interested in selling your Poconos Home. If you are selling, USA Realty has knowledgeable and skilled agents available to assist you in every aspect of your Poconos Real Estate home Sale.

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