Homes Where Short Term Rentals Are Allowed in the Poconos Mountains

People Reserve the Perfect Stay in a Short Term Rental by going to one of the online platforms like - airbnb or vrbo or they contact the owner of the rental home directly.

I would make a suggestion to any Short Term Rental Home owner to have their own website for each house they have. Two important reasons: #1 - to go around the platforms and save the fees. #2 - you can't trust that the platforms will always be there, be up or have your best interests in mind. You want to know that you're protected with your own reservation system. 

If you are looking to buy a home as a short term home rental, below is the list of homes that qualify in the Poconos for vacation rentals.

This list is the complete list of homes in areas where STRs are allowed.
USA Realty - Pocono office is The Poconos Specialist is Short Term rental homes. We have helped over 455 families find the right Poconos investment property.

No need to search all around the internet. If the home is not on this list ... it's not short term rental friendly..... you may not rent it out on a nightly basis.

Poconos lake RentalPoconos Real Estate is the best place for everyone to find their perfect accommodation / investment rental home, whether you're looking for a short term rental on a lakefront or a cabin in the woods or a stylish apartment in on of out quaint Pocono Mountain villages. Check out the incredible range of short term rentals for sale.

Below is a up to date (updated in real time) current list of homes in areas in the Poconos Mountains where short term rentals are allowed (at the time of publication.)

As with all real estate purchases, you are encouraged to confirm with both Township and Community association that any rules fit within your investment criteria. Our agents at USA Realty are experts at helping folks like you find the right investment property to fit you and your family's criteria.

To View any of the homes below (or to ask questions) Contact us at 570-517-2428. A Poconos Real Estate agent will make arrangements to show you the homes of interest. 

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