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Poconos Buyers Agents for Real Estate in the Poconos Mountains of PA.

Why employ a Buyer's agent for your  purchase of a home?

The best reason is:

The Listing Agent is employed by the seller. This "sellers agent" has a fiduciary responsibility by contract to get the most money for the seller. Any information you provide to the listing agent must be told to the seller who will use it in negotiations against you.

So... If they find out you can afford to pay more... if they find out you are qualified for a higher mortgage, if they find out you HAVE to buy .. The seller's agent MUST pass this information along to the seller who will use it against you in negotiations.

AND guess what? The seller IS going to use what ever information they can get against you.

Also, A buyer's agent will (should, if experienced) know the market and can guide you to the right location for your purchase.

They'll know the ski areas, lakes, where the flood areas are, how close the home is to a hospital and information that will lead you to the right home for your family or investment.

You NEED a buyer's agent to protect your interest.

On this link you will find our most up-to-date list of highly rated Poconos buyers agents who are current members of the association of Realtors and who subscribe to the highest code of ethics for Real Estate Sales.

You may choose a buyer's agent or call our Poconos Real Estate / USA Realty (The Official Brokerage of Poconos Real Estate) office at 570-617-2428 for more information on one of our particular buyer agent.

Free list of Top Buyer's Brokers in the Poconos:

Poconos buyers agents and brokers are your partners and guides. We provide expert location and negotiation skills when you are ready to acquire a property. 

Poconos buyers agents used to typically get paid out of the sales price of the home at closing.  The rules are changing in 2024. Now, there are different ways to pay your buyer's agent.

You can bake the fee or commission into your offer on the home and have it paid by the seller.

You can pay your buyer's agent outside of closing.

You can reduce the price of the offer to allow for the buyer's agent to be paid.

And, here at USA Realty, under some circumstances, you might finance all or some of your buyer's agent's fee.

When you call to arrange for a Poconos Buyer's agent to show you communities and homes, your agent will discuss the fee and you will arrange how the payment will occur. Very much like you arrange for an attorney, title insurance or home inspection.

Research Home Values and Neighborhoods

Buyers Brokers in the Poconos will show you homes and guide you through the purchasing process of obtaining a contract to buy, coordinating inspections and title work and walking through the home prior to close.

Learn about the benefits of hiring a buyer agent for your home search in The Poconos Mountains of PA

Here are a few great things about living in the Poconos:

Close to New York and Philadelphia, Lots of open land and state parks, water parks, museums. The Poconos are less than 2 hours from both cities, a diverse culture and many many  entertainment options. There’s never a dull day in the Poconos. It's ONE BIG amusement park.

Buyers Agents in Poconos help buyers find the right home and get it for the best price.

Why a Poconos Buyer AgentHere is what a Pocono Buyer's agent can do:

Find the Right Properties For You To Look At.

Your buyer’s agent can help direct you to properties that may be a good fit for your needs. They’ll ask you questions to get a good sense of what you’re looking for then help ensure you don’t miss any properties that may be a good match. Your real estate agent can also give you access to the MLS database, which contains all the homes for sale in a given area.

Schedule Showings of These Properties

Once you find homes you’d like to see, your buyer’s agent can schedule viewings with different listing agents. They’ll also inform you of any open houses that may be worth attending.

Draft and Submit Offers to the Seller

When you find a property you want to purchase, your buyer’s agent can help by writing and submitting offers on your behalf. This step in the home buying process involves a lot of paperwork and legal jargon, so having an experienced professional on your side can be a big asset.

Negotiate With The Seller and Seller's Agent

Often an offer from a buyer is met with a counteroffer from the seller. In this case, your buyer’s agent can negotiate the sales price and any contingencies or other terms in the contract. You should be able to count on your buyer’s agent to have your best interest in mind and give you their honest advice and opinions on
your offer and any counteroffers you receive.

Coordinate and Manage The Paperwork

Buying a home means keeping track of a lot of important documents. Your buyer’s agent should stay on top of your paperwork so nothing important gets overlooked.

This paperwork can include your:
Mortgage application
Preapproval letter
Disclosure statement
Offer letters
Purchase agreement
Purchase and sale agreement
Home inspection reports
Title paperwork

Make Recommendations of Other Local Professionals

Before you can close on your new home, you’ll need to hire other real estate professionals. Your agent can put you in touch with people in their network including home inspectors, real estate attorneys and movers. If your buyer’s agent is experienced, they should be able to recommend professionals they know to be reputable so you can be sure you're working with people you can trust.

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