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Don't Invite Burglars into Your Home

Anyone would be shocked and feel violated after coming home to a ransacked house. Burglars look for specific things when choosing a home to break into, and many homeowners are basically inviting criminals through the front door. Below are five ways you can avoid drawing the eyes of thieves and actively deter your home from becoming a target.

•  Beware of selling to strangers.

If you're wanting to sell items on Craigslist or another internet-based classified ad website, then ensure you conduct your transactions outside of the home. These forums are the perfect place for burglars to make appointments to basically rob you.

2. Don't tweet about it.

Not all of your friends have the most virtuous acquaintances. If you advertise on social media about your upcoming vacation or big event, then a mischievous friend of a friend will know the perfect time to forcefully check out your home.

3. Mind your trash.

Be careful when it comes to taking out the garbage, especially around holidays. Criminals will drive around nice neighborhoods and specifically look for empty boxes of high-price items. Then all they have to do is wait for you to leave the house before they force their way in and nab the goods. Break down boxes and conceal them in garbage bags or trashcans.

4. Prepare for a vacation.

Make sure when you leave on vacation that you put a few lights on timers and have someone collect your mail. A home that is obviously vacant is every burglar's dream. And if you're on an extended holiday, ensure you also hire someone to take care of the lawn — overgrown grass is a no-one-is-home indicator.

5. Secure the safe.

Just because you put your valuables in a safe doesn't mean they're secure. If the safe isn't installed in a wall or bolted to the floor, then a burglar can just carry it through your front door. They can figure out how to break into it later. So, make the investment to ensure your safe can't walk out the door.

With a little common sense and by following the advice above, you'll reduce the risk of your home being targeted by burglars. We suggest calling one of the Poconos oldest and trusted security companies Aic Security at 570-839-2225.

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