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The Importance of a Poconos Home Inspection

Many homebuyers have found the perfect house, signed the dotted line and think they've watched enough home improvement shows to know if they're getting a good deal. And then some make the mistake of skipping a Poconos home inspection in order to save a little cash.

Even if a home has already stolen your heart and you're ready to pay for it “as is” , you need to bite the bullet and hire a home inspector to let you know what repairs and financial repercussions await you.

Why you Should Hire an Inspector

You might know a thing or two about home remodeling and repairs. However, most people are not experts on the inner workings. That why it's important to hire a professional to search for potential furnace issues, electrical wiring mishaps, plumbing weaknesses or roofing deterioration.

While a home might look like it's in perfect condition on the surface, there could be major issues hiding beneath its façade. That's why it's imperative to your pocketbook that you hire an inspector to scrutinize the bones of your home. You'll want to be able to budget for immediate and future repairs.

When to Schedule the Inspection

Once you've signed a contract , you'll want to schedule a Poconos home inspection before the termination period has ended. Even though you've signed your heart away, an inspector could just find something that you just cannot live with or afford to fix.

While you should schedule an inspection after you've signed a contract, it's important to have an inspector or two picked out beforehand. Ask friends and family for referrals and then contact the inspectors for pricing and a list of what they will and will not cover at the inspection. It's smart to have two inspectors on speed dial in case one is unavailable.

Even if you do know a lot about the structure, plumbing and wiring of houses, don't let your ego get the better of you. It's important to shell out the additional money to hire an inspector and cover your assets. You'd hate to end up with a home that needs thousand-dollar renovations every year and not know it.

For more information on hiring a professional for your Poconos home inspection or for a referral, please call me at 570-517-2428 or email me at

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