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Appraisals in the Poconos:


Listed below are independent, full service real estate appraisal and consulting firms. These local Pocono appraisers have been serving the Poconos area for over ten years. They are state certified appraisers and will expertly complete any real estate valuation assignment in a professional manner, keeping the client's needs and time frame in focus.

They prepare commercial and residential reports in a detailed narrative format or on standardized forms depending upon the client's needs. Their reports conform to federal regulations and are prepared for a variety of Banks, Attorneys, Mortgage Companies, Accountants, Financial Advisors, and Private Users.

Pocono Appraisals
Alan R Schwarz Appraisals
PO Box 37
Shawnee-on-Delaware,PA 18356

Richard DeLuca, Real Estate Appraiser LLC
PO Box 25
Swiftwater, PA 18326
Office Phone – (570) 595-7164 Fax # – (570) 595-7164

If you are an appraiser and wish to be added to this list ... Contact Poconos Real to qualify 570-517-2428

Use the above appraisers for the following services :

Appraisal Services

Property Types

- Financing or purchase / sale of Multi-Family homes

- Divorce Settlement or prenup

- Estate Planning or probate

- Foreclosure of banks and purchase money loans

- Bankruptcy is often a reason for an appraisal

- Litigation Support for various law suits

- Highest & Best Use Analysis for commercial use

- Expert Witness Testimony for divorce or other

- Tax Assessment Appeals

Appraisers in the Poconos

A real estate appraiser, aka as a real property appraiser, is a licensed professional who is charged with determining the value of a home or property. This valuation is called an appraisal.

An appraisal is often part of the real estate pricing process. Appraisers can work in residential, multifamily and commercial real estate. Commercial real estate appraisers work to determine the value of office buildings, hotels, motels, shopping centers, hospitality and commercial land, and more.

What does a real estate appraiser actually do?

A real estate appraiser is charged with providing
an objective and unbiased third party estimate or appraisal of the value of a property. Appraisals are generally prepared for mortgage lending purposes, tax assessments, selling or buying a property. An Appraiser will inspect the property looking at it's features and compare it to similar properties to determine its sales or mortgage value.

They generally consider the following when doing an appraisal:

Determine the exterior condition of a property, including lot septic, water and building.

Assess the interior condition with a room-by-room walk-through to determine livability and functional use.

Evaluate amenities such as a finished basement or swimming pool, garage and location

Look for safety or health code violations that might impact livability or resale value.

After the appraiser has gathered information about the house, they'll compare it to similar homes or properties in the area as close to the subject as possible to make their estimate of value. This comparison also includes time of sale.

Appraisals are the key to comforting the home buyer, mortgage lender, or seller as to the accurate estimate of the home's value.

Although the mortgage lender or financing organization typically hires the appraiser, usually the client buyer or seller pays for (and owns) the appraisal. It often takes a few days for all this to occur. This amount of time will  vary depending on the property size, amenities, condition, and other factors like a lender review of the appraisal.

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