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Poconos Lakefront Homes For Sale!

Pocono Lakefront Homes - There are over 300 lake communities in the Poconos Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania and most neighborhoods have at least some Poconos lakefront homes.

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Pocono Lake front homeThe lakes range in size, from small ponds to lakes over 600 acres and lakefront homes range from small Pocono lakefront cabins to luxury Poconos lakefront contemporaries. 

On this page below you will view ALL of the Poconos lakefront homes available for sale in the entire Poconos Mountain region of northeast Pennsylvania and the list includes both Pocono MLS lakefronts.

This is the Official Guide of Poconos Lakefront Real Estate. And the only place online where you can find lakefront homes in the Poconos Mountains of Northeast PA using both Pocono MLSs.

Please note: To view a Poconos lakefront home on this list, Call USA Realty - Pocono Office Buyer's agent for buyer representation. 570-517-2428

Caution: You should not contact the listing agent on any Lakefront home as the Listing agents represent the seller and has the duty to obtain the highest price for the property. A listing agent cannot act in your best interest only the sellers.

On this display are the lakefront homes in the lower Poconos. 

To see homes on this link you may need to refresh the page. Click on "open in a new window" to view any listing. 

On this link are the Poconos Lakefronts in the Northern Poconos. Please note: To view a Pocono lakefront home on this list Call USA Realty Pocono Office Buyer's agent for buyer representation. 570-517-2428

You should not contact the listing agent on any home in the Pocono Mountains or Pennsylvania, as Listing agent represents the seller and have the duty to obtain the highest price for the property. A listing agent cannot, and will not, act in your best interest.

See All of the Poconos Lakefront Homes For Sale On This Link.

Includes Lakefront homes from both Poconos MLSs. This is the only place where you can see ALL of the Lakefront homes for sale in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Poconos Lakefront Homes for sale

Lakes like Lake Wallenpaupack, (the third largest lake in Pennsylvania), Arrowhead Lake (Where there are two reasonable sized lakes), Lake Naomi, Pinecrest Lake, Birchwood Lakes, Sunrise Lake, have many Pocono lake front homes and have community activities and are near skiing and other Poconos Mountain attractions.

There are over 300 Lake communities in the Poconos Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania and most neighborhoods have at least one lake. However, these lakes range in size from small ponds to lakes over 600 acres.

It can be a daunting task to figure out which Poconos recreational community is best for your purchase. Most lakefront buyers will consult with a Pocono Lakefront Specialist at USA Realty (570-517-2428) to help narrow down the lakes (or communities) that best fit your needs.

We have help hundreds of families find the right lakefront home in the Poconos. We'll talk about what other activities your family would like to be near, about whether you want to rent your lakefront home when you're not using it and what to expect if you do and we'll discuss the various price ranges for the different lakefront home communities in the region.

You might look over the current list of Poconos lake front homes for sale. Once you find a listing of interest, you can call (570-517-2428) or email USA Realty using the form at the bottom of this page. 

Our Pocono lakefront specialists will answer your questions about the home or set an appointment to view. We've seen all of the lakes and most of the lakefront homes in person, since we are the Lakefront home specialists.

Lakefront lot

Families purchase Lakefront and Water front Homes in the Poconos Mountains
for a number of reasons. Parents and Grandparents buy so the family has a place to gather and enjoy family activities. Couples purchase as relaxing getaways. But, the one thing in common to most lakefront buyers is relaxation. Lakefront homes tend towards the slower pace of life.

For all of these Lake front homes
you’ll need a Poconos Lake front Real Estate agent from USA Realty to show you the homes you might want to consider.

Get  more information on any home or an appointment to view by filling out the form or calling 570-517-2428.

Call USA Realty To See Any Lakefront Home in the Pocono Mountains 570-517-2428

Lakefronts on Power Boating Lakes

are a completely different animal than Lakefront homes on smaller non motor boating lakes and are less ideal for for canoeing, kayaking and about the same for fishing. Power boating lakes tend to be more active with water skiing and jet skiing being the primary reasons to purchase.

Homes on Power lakes are much more expensive than on non power lakes. Home buyers on power lakes should expect to pay from $700,000 and up into the millions, whereas there are homes in reasonable condition on non power lakes from $350,000.

One of the secrets that some of our clients learn is: to buy a lakefront home in the Poconos on a NON power lake NEAR one of the lakes that allow power boats and keep a slip for the boat on the power lake. This is the best of both worlds (quiet lakefront living and yet access to the world or Poconos Power boating)

The Poconos are 2 hours from New York or Philadelphia
and have a zillion attractions, water parks, skiing, rivers, streams, shopping outlets, hiking, biking, animal mini zoos, summer theater, over 500 restaurants of all kinds and much, much more.
Lakefront Lots Only

The agents at USA Realty in the Poconos

are Specialists in Pocono Lakefront Homes. We can guide you expertly through the process of choosing and buying a home in the right neighborhood on the right lake.

We’ve helped hundreds of families find just the right home at the right price. Fill out the form and we will be back in contact with you shortly via the medium you indicate to communicate about your home needs.

Let's start your Lakefront adventure together. We will be your guide to finding the right Poconos Lakefront homes for your family., The Official Real Estate website of Poconos Real Estate.... USA Realty - Pocono Office.

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